Sunday, October 4, 2015

Geocaching Bangkok

Thanks to my friend Eddie, we have set out on weekly trips to try to tame the amount of hidden geocaches that are lurking in Bangkok, Thailand. So far, the task has gotten the best of us, but little-by-little we have been chipping away at the numbers. 

First off, Bangkok has a TON of geocaches...

Each pin on the screen represents a geocache of some kind, the first trip we were able to knock out a good chunk on the west side of the city. Our legs were dead and our bodies were dehydrated but we managed to find 25 geocaches and change a small section of the city to smiling faces (meaning we had found that location).

This week we cleared another section of the city while we were exploring a few of the malls and checking out a burger festival put on by the US Embassy. 

Hopefully next week we can keep up this trend and clean out another small section of Bangkok. 

With our lovely "penis garden" find this week, I can only imagine what the future might hold.

Pictures from today to come in a future post. 

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