Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beautiful Run around Mahidol University

Mahidol University if situated on a piece of land that is criss-crossed by canals, teeming with fish, turtles, and some species of lizards that should have never been spawned from the black lagoon.  More on them later...

The university is the very definition of beautiful, and was set up to be very friendly for people who are using foot and bike transportation.  Dotted throughout the campus there are countless groves and benches, water parks, and meandering trails.  A person could spend hours walking the university and still come across some quaint area that takes you away from the fact that you are in the middle of a semi-urban campus and allows you some peace and quiet.  

The running route combinations are endless.  So far I have been able to find an amazingly beautiful route that takes me about five kilometers around the edge of the campus, and today Edward Saengwilai Johns joined me for a run.  We did almost seven kilometers, but as any runner knows, it is not about the distance, but enjoying the great company and the beautiful scenery.  I had no shortage of either.

Stone sidewalks and amazing lighting.  This school is not only a running haven, but would make any amateur photographer delighted as well.

Now, the university is criss-crossed with many canals, and of course that makes for the travel from the proverbial point "a" to point "b" quite complex at times, as you can see by the awesomely copied and completely plagiarized Google map...

Pretty much any speck of green that you see on the map is water, canal, or swamp.  It is not as bad as it seems.  This pretty much is my view every single day as I walk to work.

I took that that yesterday morning.  Ain't no thing, right?

Now, as I mentioned before, these damn monitor lizards.  Just so you understand what they look like, I am going to plagiarize yet another picture... Here you go.  Authentic...

If you look closely, you can see the monitor lizard in the region just slightly left of the middle of the frame.  You really can't miss him...

Now of course this is just how my mind sees them, they look much closer to this picture here.

Terrifying, right?

But again, with views like this, and a commute like the video below, I guess I can look over some prehistoric dinosaur that wants to kill me.


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