Sunday, August 2, 2015

In Search of Orchids at Sanam Luang Song Market in Salaya, Thailand

With the help of an expert team and a can-do attitude, we set out for a few hour exploration of an awesome market located in Salaya, Thailand.  The market itself is an amazing conglomeration of just about every single thing that can be purchased and owned.  The entrance is a bit unassuming, but it slowly evolves into a labyrinth of stalls, products, smells, and noises.  

The entrance

After walking around for a bit and exploring some very cool places, we happened upon the fish and aquarium area.  Talk about some cool stuff!

We also walked through some form of a fighting fish auction.  I have no clue what was going on, but there was a lot of haggling and a ton of fish in bottles.  Oddly enough, most of the fighting fish seemed to be in whiskey flasks... Perhaps that is just how it is done here?  Who knows...

Albino Alligator Gars... why not?

Albino Turtles... Seeing a pattern

Regular Turtles, Thank God

So Cute!!!

Hmmmm... Pick a few?

Blue Crayfish??

Angel Fish for about 14 cents

Lots and Lots of Frogs...

After deciding that I would someday come back and buy a little turtle for the high price of about $4.  I mean, how could I not?  They are the definition of cute!  Ok, yes, I am an adult, but a turtle that fits into the palm of my hand made me very giddy.

As I have just moved into our new apartment, I decided that I needed to add some color to the quite empty apartment.  Being in Thailand and having the help of a friend who has a PhD in plant biology, I felt that I would have a lot of success in decorating with orchids.  

The hunt was on.  

I have never seen such a wide array of amazing and beautiful plants.

Beautiful blue/purple orchids

Pitcher Plants

Amazing coloration

About $2.50 a piece

Pitcher plant I ended up getting

My new orchids

A nice sweet smell, and beautiful coloration


Lovely blue/purple after the rain

Also, I was lucky that Danielle was not here to go with me, or I would have most certainly come home with these beauties...

All-in-all, a very successful day.  I most certainly would recommend this market to anyone looking to see an array of plants, animals, and God-knows-what...

At least my balcony is starting to look much nicer.

Not bad at night either... 


  1. A Rar! I could have had one of those scary lookin' sheep!

    I still want a tortoise! That market is pretty impressive but you did a good Rarty job indeed!

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