Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Move

The level of emotion upon reaching a new home location is directly related to just how little you have slept and just how little the place is what you expected.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I wanted this level of difficulty and this level of hardship. As we lay on the floor of the new apartment, here long before our boxes and other trinkets that make a house into a home, I can honestly say that I long for the simplicity and peace that comes with being stationary. There is a calm in the sedentary life.
There are half unpacked suitcases waiting and new frustrations that will arise. Cell phones that don't work, wifi that should exist but doesn't, and air a walk up apartment that threatens to make me skinny. I have to remind myself that I wanted to experience, and this is part of it. You cannot wade into the shallow end of the pool of life experience. It is a near-death experience in the deep end or you have to face the fact that you did not try at all. 
Guess it is just time to try and keep my head above water...?

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