Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A different air conditioner

The only thing that is on my mind right now is that the air conditioner sounds different. I know it might seem like a very weird observation, but the air conditioning unit in my apartment makes a bit of a choking noise whereas this one seems to making more of a whirring fan noise. I guess it is a weird observation, but after a long day of meetings, it is always nice to clear my head. 
Some days that takes the form of running, other days it is food. Today is a somewhat rare exception to that rule, and the vice is a back and leg massage.
What an amazing vice it can be here in Thailand. For the price of going to Taco Bell, I can have someone work on my legs, neck, and back for about two hours. Sometimes that time is taken up by sleeping, sometimes by just staring at the wall - a kind or meditation, sometimes, like today, time passes with writing.
Now and again, the air conditioning whir is broken up by the rustling of stools, my wife falling into deeper sleep next to me, or the small giggle that the masseuse makes when my leg twitch as she finds a ticklish spot.
Sadly my Thai is almost non existent, and she seems to know about 40 words or so, so the conversation will never progress beyond her making fun of my ticklish feet. 
Unlike what most people would say about Thailand, many of the massage places are 100% professional and legit. Despite the stories, I have only had one moment where the masseuse made an offer that would be considered less than ethical by most standards, one that I was quick to turn down and laugh off. 
Sometimes I wonder if my friend just set me up for it as a way of getting a laugh. I guess we will never know, and until then, I will just go back to meditation about the pattern on the wall, and being seduced by the soft whirring of the air conditioner.

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