Friday, April 22, 2016

Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai

There is something quite amazing about interacting with elephants.  I realize that elephant tourism and other large animal tourism is controversial at best, but in all honesty, I don't think I ever could have personally gotten such an appreciation for these animals without interacting with them.

The one feeling that I am always left with after seeing, touching, or being around elephants is just how intelligent, curious, and playful they are.  I mean these not in the sense that they are all "nice" or they are all at the same level of intelligence or somehow superior to other animals, but just how much they like to interact with other entities.  

I am always left with a feeling that elephants are just like VERY overgrown dogs.  Some of them are great, some will maul you, but they all have a level of intelligence behind their eyes that can change a person in a lasting manner.  No zoo or nature documentary has ever left me with this feeling.  Staring into their eyes from a few feet away while they use their trunk to figure out my purpose, (and if I have any snacks), leaves me feeling that I have just had an experience that is one that I will never forget.

If I could, I would do-away with those dumbass elephant shows.  

I have no desire to watch them paint a picture, or ride a tricycle.  

I like just watching them wander around and do "elephant" things.  You know, normal stuff.  

In that light, I am glad we found a place to go to that is much more down-to-earth and places more emphasis on feeding them and just being around them, rather than watching a show designed for photo-opportunities.

Yes, the dog was cute.  I like dogs... sue me.  I know it is a blog about elephants.  But, I mean, look how damn cute he is!?!

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