Monday, February 29, 2016

Day Trip to Malacca

Malacca is a wonderful example of an old city that has undergone hundreds of years of transition and come out more vibrant despite the challenges and change.  The city is a beautiful representation of the art and architecture from cultures that have come here from all over the world.  You can walk from forts built in European styles, to old Chinese homesteads, and then suddenly realize that you are still in Malaysia over the course of a few kilometers.  

This is our adventure to and from Malacca, and me trying to understand just how sunburned I can get over the course of about 8 hours.  

Note to anyone visiting Malacca - buy sunscreen.  

I absolutely love the canals and waterways that ring Malacca, with the various forts and different strong areas that were set up hundreds of years ago to secure these places.  The different cultural powers of the times used Malacca as a hub of trade and power, making the city both cosmopolitan and and making the areas distinct and somewhat thematic.   

Just to show the drastic difference, The following photos were taken only about a kilometer apart.

The old fort and church on the top of the hill is quite the hike up, (Malaysia loves stairs), but is well worth the walk.  Not only do you get an awesome view of parts of the city, but you also get the chance to get some time in the shade.   

Sadly, I did not take my own advice and ended up looking a bit like a lobster when I was done with this adventure.  After living in Hawaii for about a decade, and then in Thailand for about eight months, I still surprise myself at just how burned I can get when I am careless.  

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