Monday, February 29, 2016

Putra Mosque

After spending a day getting completely burned in Malacca, we decided to take it easy and stay somewhat in the shade around Putrajaya.  The Putra Mosque was well worth escaping the shade of the trees and risking more skin cancer.  Not only is is a wonderful example of architecture, but it also is strikingly beautiful in the downtown government district of Putrajaya.  The area was designed to house a lot of the government offices to move them away from Kuala Lumpur,  It has a lot of the feel and beauty of the other federal districts that I have been to, mostly filled with art, official looking buildings, and very well maintained parks.  

I of course had to take the time to pick up the one geocache in the area.  I was also quite glad that it was in the shade.  I am sure you cannot tell from this photo, but my level of burn was downright painful.  I have only recently stopped shedding like a snake.  

After cooking outdoors for a few hours, we retreated to a local mall to wait for our flight.  I just thought that the bamboo walkway looked very pretty in that light, so we did what all the tourists must do - take a selfie!

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