Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wat Tham Suea 2.0

I have had the chance to hike Wat Tham Suea once before and I distinctly remember saying that I would never go again. That promise lasted less that three months.
As much as my legs are regretting the trip, I am still quite glad I got to go a second time. The monkeys were nice this time, we were one of the first groups of people on the top, and found a new surprise - free wifi on the summit. 
I had a great time giving my family a quick tour via video call from the top of a mountain almost half a world away. Quite an amazing achievement for modern technology. 
There are still way too many stairs, and the view is still superb. The highlight of the day though, was that we were able to get about three uninterrupted hours of sunshine in the midst of a monsoon.   We are still in awe of the luck that we had by dealing with pouring rain all night, and then having the rain start up within about 15 minutes of us reaching the base of the mountain.  Maybe today is the day to buy a lottery ticket...

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