Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chiang Mai Night Market

I am not proud of this post.  At all.  I am so not proud of freaking out while getting a fish "massage".  I have no clue who invented this form of torture, but I am pretty sure it must be the CIA for use on detainees at Guantanamo Bay.  Needless to say the night market at Chiang Mai is amazing, and you can find just about anything you want while walking around the different stalls.  

This post is not about that though.  Pretty much anything you want is there, so yeah, just assume if it is something you want, the Chiang Mai night market sells it.

This post is about the new type of torture that involves fish chewing the dead skin off of your feet.  It is hell.  It tickles on a level that should be illegal.  There is no excuse for this being around.  

Literally hundreds of tiny fish chew on your feet.  It does not hurt, just feels like tiny pinches.  It also tickles beyond all reason. 

If you ever wanted to see what a full-grown man looks like freaking out while sitting next to his wife who is a champion at life, this video is for you.  I am not proud of how I looked, but it happened, and it deserves to be shared.  Needless to say, my friends Eddie and Khwan sure enjoyed watching me freak out.  

Thanks for the video... not.

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