Thursday, January 28, 2016

The View from the North

Northern Thailand has to be one of the prettier places that I have been.  The scenery is dramatic and bold, and the atmosphere is quite different from the city-scape that I am used to living near Bangkok.  While I do live on the outskirts of Bangkok, it still has that suburban Thai feel - concrete, some greenery, and lots and lots of traffic.  While there is quite a bit of traffic in and around Chiang Mai, once you get outside of the city there is a huge emphasis on nature and greenery.  They know they have a great thing going with the eco-tourism.

The sky-walk was a very big thing for all of us, not only did we elect to walk up the mountain to get to it, (not one of our best ideas), but it was also quite a bit scary for a few people in our group.  The idea of walking out on a big glass and open steel bridge to take a look over the valley is quite cool for me, but apparently I have a much different view on what is fun and exciting.  

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