Sunday, January 24, 2016

Geocaching Kamphaeng Phet

Whenever you see a bunch of tourists fishing through the leaves while trying to avoid any potentially lethal animals, they might be geocaching.  Recently my friend Eddie and I have been into trying to raise our total find numbers and thankfully, all of the UNESCO sites in Thailand are riddled with caches.  We had a fantastic time wandering the ruins and looking for little boxes hidden among the cobras and leaves.

Well, maybe cobras.  

For the sake of my imagination, I am just going to guess there are cobras everywhere in Thailand.  

One of the best things to do at a historic site is to rent bikes and tour around the area.  This totally beats walking for a few reasons:
1. Most of them are flat.
2: It is a lot cooler than walking.
3. You can run over shit on bikes.

There is something pretty amazing about wandering around ruins from  a long-past time and just enjoying the cool breeze (which is rare in Thailand) as it comes through the trees.  While Kamphaeng Phet is quite out of the way for just about anyone visiting Thailand, It really should not be discounted as a premier tourist destination.  The best part is that since it is quite out of the way, there are not a lot of people there.  For most of the places we stopped on our biking adventure, we were the only ones wandering around.  It makes for a much better experience in my opinion as we did not have to fight busloads of tourists for any vantage points.

Not to mention the cobras...

Just kidding, these kind of cobras...

Sadly, we did not see any cobras... Oh well

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