Sunday, January 24, 2016


Sometimes you just need to get kissed by an elephant.  There is no way around it.  You just need a big smooch on the cheek.  Thankfully, when that urge arises there are a lot of elephants in Thailand.  

Sometimes a hug helps too.  I mean, who would not want a hug from a wet baby elephant on a muddy riverbank in Thailand?

This is an elephant informing me that I really need a shower.  I must have been extra stinky that day!

Don't let the cuteness fool you, they will steal any and all food.  They may look innocent, but their trunks have the skills that rival an inner-city pickpocket.

They also poop... A lot.  We rafted back down the river and I got a great shot of my friend staring at one of many elephant-made islands dotting the river.

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