Saturday, January 9, 2016

There and Back Again: A Drive Across Thailand

It is very hard to explain fully what it is like to travel across the very vast reaches of northern Thailand. I would venture a guess that there are many quaint small towns dotted across the plains, and the land slowly gets more and more beautiful as the mountains start to appear. Having lived on the outskirts of Bangkok for the last few months, I had all but forgotten what hills and mountains even looked like. It actually came as a big surprise when they started to appear on the horizon.
While I might make the drive across Northern Thailand only once, as it is a very long drive, I am very grateful that my friends and I did it. We were lucky enough to have a few friends drive, and we spent the night halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai on both the out and back trips. The area in between is beautiful and full of historic sites and ruins that would serve as a perfect backdrop to any Indiana Jones movie. 
The following blog posts will try to highlight a few of our favorite spots, with a lot of photos of elephants, geocaching, biking, and other randomness. I also got my first ever "fish pedicure" - an experience which I doubt will be happening again anytime soon

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