Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Zip Lining in Hawaii is Awesome

Zip Lining had been on my list of things that I needed to try, and on one random Saturday, I got the invite to try it for free.  Pretty hard to say no to trying such an amazing thing for free.  Now, as it was a promotional thing for the company that my wife worked for at the time, I wont put what company actually gave away the free passes, but let's just say, they were amazing.  If anyone really would like to know where I went zip lining, comment and I will email you the location and the company contact.

I was very hesitant at first to take the plunge off of the tower and trust my weight to what looked like two pulleys, some cord, and a steel cable that suspends you out in the middle of nowhere.  The course consisted of over a dozen runs (different places to zip line that took you from one end of the property to another).  These runs started out very easy, so you could leave the tower only a few feet above ground all the way to one of the last and best runs that was over a minute long and took us down a gorge that had a few waterfalls and some amazing scenery.  What an amazing experience.

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  1. It was scary for EVERY jump! I'd do it again but I'll still be shakin' in my boots.