Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blogging from my Hammock

There are times for work and there are times to relax. In researching blogging and how to create interesting stories, I have found that many people have a muse, some methodology, and a purpose.

 Thankfully I have none of those three issues.

I am lazy, and my blogging should reflect that. Yes, there are typos, curse words, and pictures that could have been photo-shopped. That takes effort. I am only here to bring you my views, not some damn windexed view. My window has dirt, dust, and dead bugs. If you want a polished blog, there are many out there. They actually blog for a living, selling add space, and bringing you features on how to clean better, how to entertain guests, how to make a party favor, etc.

If that is your thing, just go. 

All that being said, I figured I would take people on a tour of one of my favorite writing locations. 

I know, it is a rough life, but someone has to do it. I take that sacrifice upon myself for all. You are welcome.

This hammock, a trusty laptop, cell phone camera, a blogging app on my phone, and a crappy old regular camera is all I need. 

I do not sell add space even though I apparently could make a small amount of money off of it.

I am a pretty bad writer.

I have no rhyme or reason to what I type or talk about.

I still have fun.  Try it yourself sometime. Just sit down and put that swirling quagmire of thoughts down with ink or pixels and see what comes of it. Who knows, you might be good at it?

Someday, if you work hard, you might get an office as nice as mine...

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