Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green Sands Hike, Hawaii Island

There is an amazing beauty when one finds anomalies in nature. Before moving to Hawaii, sand was white. After moving to the Big Island of Hawaii my previously monochromatic color wheel started to include black sand as well. For many people, this is where their adventure ends, they have integrated the elusive second color to their ebony and ivory routine. They have seen white sand and black sand - yup, pretty much it. For you people who have never expanded to new sand colors, green is where it is at. Trust me. Green sand is awesome.

The hike itself is hot. Like surface of the damn sun hot. Many people do not know that a huge portion of the Big Island of Hawaii is a desert. Yes, cactus and all. I know, I blew your mind. You're welcome.

After walking through a few miles of desert, you start seeing what look like patches of moss by the ocean, only wait... It is sand! 

That is a bit of white sand in there for color reference. How cool is that? These little patches are awesome secrets. Everyone heads out to "Green Sands" which is more black than green and misses these little patches of almost pure olivine. 

As compared to this:

Both a cool, but don't be a chump. Walk the coastal road, experience the dunes and eroded roads, get a sunburn, and feel the gritty sand in every nook and cranny on your now parched and windblown body.

This might be the Internets first picture of a green sandcastle. Again, you are welcome.

Enjoy your hike, just watch out for sandworms!

Just kidding, watch out for centipedes. They are just as bad! 

"sallamaka al-lahu wa-nasaraka" as the Fremen would say...

In retrospect, I should have written something in Dothraki as well... 

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