Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tao Hong Tai Ceramics Factory

You know it is going to be quite an adventure when your faculty retreat starts off with one important decision - Transformers or Avengers. As a person of arguable discretion and taste, I of course went with Avengers. I am sure that makes perfect sense to everyone reading this blog. Seems like a no-brainer.

So, after hopping on to one of the most fantastically decorated buses in human history, we took off to Richy Fields, more on that in the next blog post though.

The bus looked like a kids arcade threw up in it. Needless to say, it was amazing...

So, after a nauseating few hours of driving in a rather comfortable tour bus that was decorated at a thrift store, we made it to our rest-stop. I am not one for tourist traps, but as someone who really does appreciate ceramics and art, this one was great. The entry-way alone was worth the price of admissions. Also, it was free to get in.

Plus, as a fan of dogs, who does not love a 6 foot tall dog made of fired clay?

I am not sure if they were using holes to save clay or if it was supposed to be a dalmatian, but either way it was very cool.

There also seemed to be quite the obsession with clay sheep. Not sure why, but apparently sheep are quite fun to make and decorate using a kiln. Who knew? 

Suffice it to say, I knew I had to spend a tiny bit of money and secure a sheep of some kind for my wife. 

Despite the fact that the grounds had no noticable order and the "display" of products was a bit... Scattered, it was all very beautiful. 

Of course, for anyone who knows my wife, I had to buy something - so I purchased this awesome little sheep for an overcharged prices of 100฿. 

Super cute, right? 

Of course, this was an amazing trip and I loved seeing this art studio and factory in action.

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