Monday, August 3, 2015

Where I Live

I figured it would probably be important to try and show people where Salaya, Thailand is, and what sort of town it appears to be (after living here for a whole week...).  

Again, I have lived here precisely one week, so any sort of description will be naive at best and grossly mistaken at worst. Guess I should start with a map of some kind.  

I will make this the first post of two.  The next post should cover what it looks like around the apartment and some observations. Enjoy!

Here is the world:

Assuming everyone passed geography in elementary school, that should look somewhat familiar.  

Now, to move matters forward one more step, here is Asia:

Ok, Glad everyone is still following just fine.  

Zooming in a bit on that lovely Gulf of Thailand, we find this area:

Hey, Thailand!  We found it!  Nestled between Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia is the lovely little kingdom of Thailand.  As many people probably do not know, Thailand is a Constitutional Monarch with a Democratic Parliamentary system.  I am sure that is a bit confusing, but if you just think of how Great Britain operates, it is quite similar.  

Now, zooming in we can find Bangkok:

Bangkok is ultra-modern city of skyscrapers and canals, with twisting alleys and all the modern conveniences that one might need.  It has well over 8 million people in the city with over 14 million in the total metropolitan area.  This makes Bangkok the 12th largest city in the world, pretty much on par with Tokyo in Japan and New York in the United States.

Ok, now our next stop is going to be the Salaya area, zooming in a bit on that blue dot... 

All right, so there is the suburb area that I live in, now, just a bit further and we will be at our destination...

Well, there ya have it, how to find me on the map.  I am still trying to figure out how to correctly write my address, but when I know that piece of information, I will be sure to add it in here.

Sweet! Figured it out now if anyone wants it:

Richard Tumin
135 / 393-4 Moo 6
The Sense S1 Room 1708
Salaya Soi 9
Salaya, Phutthamonthon 
Nakhon Pathom 73170

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