Monday, August 3, 2015

Discovering a new market

Decided to go for an impromptu walk in a direction that I had not wandered to during my previous free days.  Wound up walking a kilometer or so towards my workplace and found this gem of a market.  I am also going to guess that either I had something funny tattooed on my face, or they really don't get a lot of random visitors... 

Either way would be fine.

The thing that really gets me about these markets is the vast array of colors.  Fruits and produce in just about every single color imaginable.  I honestly don't think this will ever get old, nor have I seen much like it back in the United States.

Sure, we have our farmer's markets, and there is a lot of cool stuff in them, but they pale in comparison when one is presented with a market that has zero zoning codes and even less worry about the health board shutting them down.  

Want meat? Sure, it is on the table, need to eat some fogs guts?  Why not, next table down.  Don't worry about that meat grinder that is on the ground next to the puddle, all good.  

Oddly enough, I have not gotten really sick yet.  Not sure what is preventing it, perhaps it is just good luck so far.  Time to toughen up the ol' stomach and try and ingest some things that would get a restaurant shut down back home.

As mentioned earlier, frog guts.  I am not sure who would be ordering these, but being as there are plenty of them, I am going to guess they are quite popular...


Playing the waiting game...

Had a great time wandering around the different stalls.  The walk back home was pretty uneventful, so I shot some pictures of the surrounding scenery.  I also had the opportunity to meet a dog who felt exactly how I did when confronted with the overbearing sun that exists around 2pm in Thailand.

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