Tuesday, July 28, 2015

26 hours of flying - Part 1

First leg of the day. Woke up at 4:55am Hawaii Time. Current time into travel, 1:25.

Feels fitting that my last day in Hilo was much like my first, rainy.

Coffee number two of the day, current travel time 3:30.

Note to self - no more coffee... Don't want to be the sweaty guy who needs to pee a lot on the flight.

Time to try and get my ticket from JAL because their automated system is a nightmare. Also, it seems like my bags might be checked all the way through to Bangkok. Quite impressed with how this might happen, not impressed with how rude the Hawaiian Airlines desk person was when I was confused about if I would need to take them through customs in Japan. Hopefully I have bags tonight... 

Ticketed and confirmed all the way through Bangkok. The flight from Honolulu to Tokyo might have wifi, and it seems like the plane is going to be nearly empty. Sweet. 

Also, got confirmation that my bags are going to be making this flight. Not bad so far... 

Total time: 4:30
Total caffeinated beverages: 2
Total restroom sink baths: 1

Awesome, no neighbor on this flight. 8 hours until I get to Narita airport. Looks like it won't be too bad though, as there seems to be wifi (not sure how to access it yet), some form of a USB plug so I can charge my electronics, and a tv tablet of sorts. 24 bucks for 8 hours of wifi? Might be worth it... Depends on how bored I get. 

Not a bad set up... Time for take off! 

Well, only 7:40 to go until leg 2 of the trip is done. I am already a bit tired and I still have well over 20 hours of travel to go... Oh well... Long day(s) ahead of me. 

Total time 5:30

Yes, the house red should compliment this meal quite well, hahaha.

Honestly, it is not a bad merlot. I am actually quite impressed so far.

Time to settle in to lunch! 

You are looking at beef curry, miso soup, salad, somen salad, potato salad, salmon sashimi, merlot, and water. They also came around with lychee ice cream. Talk about a rough life! 

Ok, either I am already tired or this is the cutest toothpaste ever! 

They have a bunch of these kits in the bathroom, I am probably going to steal them all :). 

Ok, yeah, I am probably just tired. 8 hours down, 18 more to go...

I also just opened up what I though was a eye cover thing (you know, to take a nap), and ended up putting a set of house-slippers on my face. 

Perhaps I am a bit more tired than I thought???

Looks like it is time for another meal, not a bad flight so far. Only a few babies crying but most of them have been quite well behaved. 

Not sure what meal of the day this is, but they have Big Island Candies. Nice to see something from home :)

Total travel time: 11:30
Caffeinated beverages: 5 - 3 cups of coffee and two green teas.
Restroom Sink Baths: 2

Looks like we are just about to touch down in Narita. I am getting to the point now of being a bit loopy. I was just trying to calculate the amount of time it had been since this trip started today, and I had trouble figuring out the time differences. 

I just am hitting the 13:30 mark on the trip, so just over halfway. This seems like a good point to cut off this blog post.

Things I have learned:
I love to steal single use items. I now have taken about six toothbrush sets, one unused blanket, a pair of slippers (see earlier post) and some small single use towels. 
I am actually contemplating taking more when no one is looking. 
I love flying JAL, the service is amazing.
I also am at the tired point of not remembering the earlier things in this post. 

Fun stuff...

Off to get more toothbrushes... 

So tempting...

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