Sunday, July 12, 2015

What to Pack for Thailand???

So, it seems that I am in need of advice.  I have searched online and and through books and have found many different "what to pack" lists for travelers to Thailand, but I have yet to find anything about what to pack when you are moving to Thailand.

So far this is what I have found -

Lots of deodorant.

Besides that, I am at a loss.  I have traveled before and had no problem with bringing things, but I am at a loss to figure out how to travel this long-term.

Anyone have ideas?

Any suggestions would be very helpful, please email me or respond to this post.  Thanks everyone!!!

Packing my wife in a suitcase might be illegal.  Will have to check on that one... :)

I will do my best to update this post with items as they are suggested.

So Far:
Rice Cooker
Dutch Oven
Goat (Glad to know you guys care so much...)

1 comment:

  1. I think you're gonna need a bigger bag.

    While you're at it, you can bring my blender, my DVDs, my rice cooker, my dutch oven, my keyboard, my bike, and the neighbors goat!