Thursday, July 9, 2015

Support a first-time author!

Sight.  Smell.  Taste.  Sound.  Touch

These senses are our first interactions that leave a lasting impression of the world around us.  Jamie had a normal life until the fateful day when a new neighbor moved in, an unusual girl named Iris with a notable disability.  Iris was no ordinary girl, and through the years of inseparable friendship, his world was forever changed.

After a fateful birthday, Jamie and Iris were pushed to search for answers regarding odd occurrences that happened to them, particularly Iris.  Together, they must unravel these curious events, as their lives get more entwined and complex, they are hunted by someone who is way too close to home.  Neither would have imagined the possibility to uncover such a twisted and mysterious plot, and now Jaime must help Iris face perils, pain, and death, all to help his best friend and ensure her future.   

After much secrecy and quite a few printed out, (and then crumpled pages), my wife has finally finished her book.  It was accepted by a publishing company, and should be available later this month...

As I am pretty close to the author, (I know someone famous now!!!), I could probably secure an autographed copy for people who purchase one and would like the first of what I am hoping will be many books.  Without embarrassing her too much, I know she put a lot of work into this book, and she is both nervous and excited to see how it is received.  

As long as I have known Danielle, she has been a fan of the printed word - staying up well past when a normal human should be going to sleep to read or write just a few more pages.  It was always easy finding gifts for her, as anything to do with literature or writing was right up her alley.

Most of our relationship was founded and started around trips to and from the bookstore, where we would find books to better understand the hobby of the other person.  I spent many hours reading different books and magazines that I knew would help me understand or converse about a specific passion of hers, all while drinking a cup of coffee.  Sadly, that bookstore is no more, as I know she would have loved to see her book added to some corner on a dusty shelf in the back.  

The book is in the young adult genre, but should be a fun read for most anyone.  I will include the page where you can buy it when it is for sale.  For now though, please like and follow these two Facebook pages for your chance to get a copy when it first comes out!  First editions are worth more - with one purchase you might have the chance to pay for your retirement... pretty sweet deal if you ask me :)

Also, make sure to check out her blog to get the latest scoop on the book and other awesome things as well!

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