Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where to travel first? Ideas?

One of the major drawbacks to living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is that it costs an exorbitant amount of money to travel to a neighbor island, let alone anywhere outside of our state.  Sadly, with the way things are set up over in Hawaii, we offer discounts to airlines to bring people here in a tourist capacity, but have almost no deals to travel if you happen to live here.  It is a very Hotel California experience.  

To give you an idea of prices, here are the airfare rates from Hilo to various places in Hawaii:

Here are the prices to get to the Mainland:

Now, let's compare this to the prices of flights to and from Bangkok, Thailand.  Ready to have your mind blown?

Seems like we have been living in the wrong neck of the woods if we are going to actually be serious travelers.  

I am still blown away that it is cheaper to fly to a different country from Bangkok, Thailand than it is to fly to a neighbor island here in Hawaii.  Talk about a scam!

So, the question now remains, where the heck should we travel first?  Any ideas?


  1. How about Phnom Phen in Vietnam? I think it would be interesting to hear their side of the war story....

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