Friday, April 17, 2015

Baywatch: Hilo Watershed

When you are married to Danielle, messages about finding random animals are pretty normal. I have come to accept that my house pretty much serves as a halfway home for anything with feathers or fuzz, but this story was as bizarre as it was heroic.

She wrote up a great blog post on it, but the cut and dry version is this:

She and a friend went hiking together, most likely to escape having to be around me, but that is another story...

In a stroke of fatalistic luck, they happened across two dogs, one that was near drowning and another that was going to do whatever it took to alert a someone of the impending doom of its' compatriot. 

Branches were extended, but as dogs are not known for their use of opposable thumbs and this dog had been trying to claw a way up the side wall for quite some time, she knew she had to swim and rescue her new friend.

She took the plunge, into water that had god-knows-what in it, with debris on the bottom, and pulled this beautiful dog to safety. The look on the dogs face says everything.

They both were so happy when she was out of the water. The brown pit, which we referred to as "oinky" could not stop loving on his friend. Talk about a happy ending that was only made possible by a few people being in the right place at the right time!

Both dogs found their ways back home to their owners after some social media searching, but not until we had enough time to take some great photos of them, and get all the lovin' we could handle.

That last photo was shot right at the exact moment that "oinky" stopped licking himself and turned around and licked me in the mouth... 

Gotta love dogs :)

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