Friday, April 10, 2015

Apollo and Daphne

Apollo and Daphne is the most beautiful freakin' statue you will ever see in your life.  When I am rich and conquer the world, this is going to be the center piece in my garden.  There will also most likely be a herd of alpacas, but that is just so my wife is happy as well.  They just better not freakin' touch my Apollo and Daphne statue.  Or else.  Alpaca Burgers.  

The Borghese Gallery is an amazing place to stumble across while walking through some park in the middle of Rome.  Of course there are plenty of signs around it point to the rather lovely villa, but as I am not known for paying much attention to directions, we just stumbled across it.  We also got lucky and scored some cheap unused tickets to an entrance time that just happened to be starting right when we got there.  On top of that, we ran into some art grad student from Georgia who felt like giving us a tour because we also spoke English and were happy to listen to her explain some random thesis that she was writing.  Hell yeah for being good listeners.  She was also pretty cute, but that is neither here nor there. 

After getting quite bored with having each and every nuance explained, I stumbled across this beautiful work of art.  Apollo and Daphne happens to be my second favorite work of art, and it was just happenstance that it was in the very museum that I wandered into.  If you have not noticed a theme in my traveling, it is that I rarely am able to do the right research before I take off to a new location.  So much for planning.

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From one vantage point, Apollo and Daphne looks like two lovers, running through a field.  From the complete opposite side it shows Apollo and a tree.  I have never seen a sculpture that looks as lifelike and passionate as this one.  It is so real, that Apollo has fine hair on his legs, and you would expect the sculpture to feel warm to the touch.  

Sadly, it was not warm to the touch.  Thankfully there were no security guards in the room.

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