Friday, April 10, 2015

More Freakin' Body Parts

So, while I was in Rome, my compatriots and I stumbled across a few museums that featured some pretty awesome statues, and some were free.  Score!  Never underestimate my desire to travel cheaply and see random carved things.  Of course, I was lucky enough to stumble across some amazing works that must have been famous back in the day, but that is neither here nor there with me.  I am not one who really cares about how famous a work of art is, more interested in just seeing it and learning about it later.  I guess you can say that I travel a bit backwards, but it works for me.

Of course, one of the museums did house my third favorite work of art.  Unfortunately this was not one of the free museums, but you cannot win them all, right?  I know there is some amazing back-story to it, something about it being found in pieces by a farmer and how it is a family that the gods chose to smite - but just admit it, it looks cool.

Notice the Lack of Naughty Bits

There is no way to convey just how powerful the face of the father is in this statue.  When you are standing below the statue, there is a sense of panic and terror.  The look on his face is beyond lifelike.  You want to reach out and touch the skin because you expect it to be warm to the touch, but are somewhat scared that it might be cold with death.  It is a weird mix of emotions.

The other museum that we stumbled into that day looked more like an art class project on body parts.  It was honestly a bit awkward.  Bit of torso here, some toes there, it was like something out of a Renaissance slasher film.  

Make them beefy biceps

I call this one "Giant Picking His Nose"

Tough Actin' Tinactin 

Of course, all of these pale in comparison to my two favorite works of art, Apollo and Daphne, and The School of Athens, but those will be saved for another day. 

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