Friday, April 24, 2015

Status Update: One Month In

One month of writing has gone by and I felt that it was time to take a step back and look at what worked and what did not.  So far I have written about 50 posts and had a total viewership of 2,750.  What started as a quasi-dare by my wife has grown into a bit of a monster and taken on a life of its own in my mind.  While I have recently discovered that writing can be quite fun if done about a subject that one is interested in, I am sure that I would shock any of my teachers if they were to see me producing 50 different posts in the time period of a month.  Seems like writing just took quite a bit of time to take hold in me and is now starting to come to fruition.

The good:
So far I have had a lot more viewership than I thought I would.  I started this more as an activity to vent and put memories to "paper" so to speak.  Granted I have made it public and posts that I thought were actually somewhat decent I have published to both Google+ and Facebook, but I did not expect to have so many people tell me they both enjoy my writing and read my writing on such a regular basis. 

Guess there are a lot of sarcastic assholes in the world.

The bad:
I am still working on how to make posts that have a good length and "feel" to them.  I am sure that this is different for each person, and while I am pretty sure that my "voice" is quite evident in my writing, I still need to work on the presentation.  Thankfully blogger has been a great website to start with and using the various tools on here I have learned how to embed videos, how to start my own page (the one you are now on has a different u.r.l. than the one that was started), and work on formatting to make the page cell phone friendly.

Guess I am slowly figuring out the learning curve, and with travel looming in only a few months, I should be up and running full speed to bring you my adventures during the preparation, moving, and full-time living in a new country.

Here we go!

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