Saturday, March 28, 2015

Awesome Japanese Signs Part 1 of 3

Just figured it would be fun to post about 17 Japanese signs that we saw while traveling around with my best guesses as to what they mean.  Yes, I know my translations will be incorrect.  That is the fun aspect of this game.  Feel free to comment below if you have a better guess than me.  

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1. Coffee Endorsement?  Drinking coffee from this vending machine will help you save the galaxy while trying to revive Will Smith's career?
Tommy Lee Jones is a Boss.  Simple.

2. Pepsi will make you look epic.  Introducing Ninja Pepsi.  All the calories but you will see none of them as they gain access to your body.  Sounds pretty bad honestly.
Stoic Pepsi

3. A drink that has sweat in it, must be delicious?  Pretty sure that it is some sort of sports drink, but I am going to guess that the idea of it being a "sweat replacement" drink might need to be translated a bit better.  Not the most appealing name for what I feel like chugging down after a workout.
Also Try Pocari B.O.

4. Come and visit our hill that won the Ms. Japan.  I am guessing that, because it has that goofy little sash.  Must be important.  You will notice that you should go up and to the left.  
Did not do well in the swimsuit competition

5. Alpacas are really cute and of course should be featured on signs.  Pretty sure that this sign says something like "love us because we are cuddly!!"  Notice the two exclamation points, I am sure I did that part correctly.  Score for me!
So Fuzzy!  Ridiculously Effective Advertisement

6. I am absolutely certain that this one is about lighting farts on fire.  Look, the kid has lit what appears to be a campfire by farting, and has also lit his pants on fire.  Also, smoking is bad!
What a Bad Idea!

Make sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3.

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