Saturday, March 28, 2015

Geocaching in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari has to be one of the coolest things to see while wandering around Kyoto.  The idea of so much work that has gone into this hillside trek renders the hiker both in awe, and oddly shocked when the trail does not have a torii, and instead has sky.  When most of the trail looks like this it is not surprising that you start to get wayyyyy too used to the idea that everything is orange and black, and you will be hiking underneath torii almost the entire way to the top.  It might be the only place in the world where a person wearing "hunter orange" would blend in to the environment.

Nice Shot, Right?

I first wrote about this particular adventure in a different post, but felt that this particular geocache deserved some attention.  When you are hiking up a hill that has torii with posts that range from the size of a tree-trunk, down to ones that would look amazing when matched with a little garden gnome, you can only hope that the cache will be equally thematic.  

Very Tiny Garden Gnomes

Of course the geocache took a bit of a hike to reach.  We had to go off trail, but that allowed for a completely new perspective on torii.  If you liked them from below, you will love the aerial view!

Yeah, Not Very Impressive...

Thankfully the geocache did not disappoint.  After about a minute of searching, I was able to spot it next to some bushes.  Glad to see that Japan has some geocachers with a sense of humor.  Sure made me laugh!


After signing the log by pulling the loose piping off of the top right-hand side, I was able to then rejoin the trail and continue my ascent.  Very cool geocache.  I sure do love when they are thematic like this.  

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