Sunday, March 29, 2015

Common Themes in Traveling

As I am sure anyone who has traveled can relate to, there are certain themes and commonalities that one runs into regardless of location and culture.  While most of these themes are simpler things like hospitality, running into certain types of people, or perhaps in this global age, Starbucks and McDonald's, I have decided to highlight the weirder of the few common themes that I have run into while abroad.

Theme 1: Godzilla
There seems to be some sort of international appeal to a giant lizard that wrecks shop on a city.  I mean, it is infinitely more likely that some race of aliens would destroy a city than a giant lizard, but there must be some appeal to combining elements of the Cretaceous period and massive world-wide destruction.  

Location: Japan
Godzilla seems to be enjoying his time hanging out with Kikaida in this shot.  Not sure why someone pit those two together in some sort of bizarre fan-fiction mash up, but it does seem to work.

Location: Italy
Godzilla seems to be enjoying his time with these stylish older gentlemen.  Nothing says an amazing CD release like Godzilla with some old-school headphones, and three white guys in awesome clothing.  I feel like that one of the left is really making it with his mustache. 

Theme 2: Mouth of Truth
As anyone who has seen Roman Holiday would know, the Mouth of Truth exists to bite off the hand of someone who lies.  Basically if you are truthful, you are not going to lose any appendages that you might stick inside of of the mouth of the giant stone disc.

Location: Italy
I am guessing this is the original location, as Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn visited this location first.  I am sure there is some long-standing local history or something that dates back well beyond the 1953 release date of the aforementioned movie, but I doubt any of that is relevant.  This is also the location where I lost my hand.  Or is that a lie?  Boy, did I just dig myself a hole for my next visit.

Location: Japan
No trip to Japan is complete without finding some form of knockoff Italian artwork.  It goes without saying that while you are eating your sushi and drinking sake, you should naturally be wanting to mesh that cultural experience with Caligula and Caesar.  Obviously. This is also the location where I lost my other hand.  Pretty sure that is a lie as well.  I am really screwed if I ever find a third one of these in the world.

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  1. this is one of my more interesting stories to read aloud to my husband. he says that it makes sense to have godzilla in your home....and that was the end of the conversation...hhhhmmmm....Godzilla wallpaper