Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ladder from Hell

If you have ever been to another country, you know that safety standards can be a bit... lax

On our trip to visit family in Western Samoa, we found a ladder, and this ladder should be in a training video for what O.S.H.A tells people to NEVER do.  It was amazing.  
It featured the following:

  • Two telephone poles
  • Two-by-four slats
  • Almost perfectly vertical
  • Vertigo inducing design
  • Protruding nails
  • Wet wood to climb on
  • Moss on the wet wood
  • A platform to catch you if you fall... 
You would think, that with water being below the ladder that there would not be a... catching platform?  A large, wooden, spine crushing, paralysis inducing, living-as-a-vegetable wooden platform.  

Just remember, when you travel, tetanus shot and medical evacuation insurance are not a bad thing to have.

All this being said, the water was wonderful, but never again!  You win this round To Sua Ocean Trench 

Part two to follow.

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